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The Philosophy of a Mad Man

The Philosophy of a Mad Man

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The Philosophy of a Mad Man

The Philosophy of a Mad Man is an autobiographical work documenting the life story and key insights of philosopher Steven Colborne.

The paradoxical title of the book reflects the background of the author, who is both an accomplished academic and a diagnosed schizophrenic. The book is divided into two distinct parts, entitled 'My Journey' (Part 1) and 'My Philosophy' (Part 2).

Part 1 includes a vivid and detailed account of the author’s visit to the home of the spiritual guru Mooji, who entered the media spotlight following his appearance on the Russell Brand ‘Under the Skin’ podcast in August 2020. Among a host of other spiritual adventures, Colborne describes a spiritual retreat experience with Indian shaking meditation teacher Ratu Bagus, whose retreats in Bali are known for being both gruelling and spiritually transformative. Colborne also explains in detail what it's like to experience an episode of psychosis, and his portrayal of his spiritual journey is gripping and evocative, containing humour, sadness, and enlightenment.

In Part 2, Colborne tackles a range of important philosophical topics related to spirituality, including the nature of God, free will, consciousness, and the meaning of life. The author argues that a God exists who is not merely a deeper a level of consciousness (which is the way some Eastern religions describe God), but is a personal being with whom we can develop a relationship and who is intimately involved in every detail of our lives.

The first edition of
The Philosophy of a Mad Man was published by SilverWood Books in 2012. With newly refreshed cover art, the second edition of the book (published by Tealight Books in 2019) includes an updated introduction and afterword. There is also a 2018 version which contains the same contents as the 2019 version, only with different cover art.

The book offers a highly stimulating read to anyone on a journey to understand spiritual enlightenment and anyone wishing to engage with the big philosophical questions surrounding our existence.



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