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Thanks Be To God: A Selection of Christian Scriptures for Spiritual Seekers

Thanks Be To God: A Selection of Christian Scriptures for Spiritual Seekers

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"A must read for anyone who needs to connect with the Lord." (Professor Vincent Golphin)

Jesus Christ is described in the Bible as the Prince of Peace and the Christian Gospel has provided hope and meaning to spiritual seekers for two thousand years. In this time of great global uncertainty, the teachings of Jesus are arguably more important today than ever before.

Author Steven Colborne, a first-class BA (Hons) graduate with a PG Cert in Philosophy and Religion, has spent many years exploring the Christian faith in an immersive way. Colborne had a born again experience during a spell in psychiatric hospital in 2008, and since then has written over a dozen books exploring all of the big problems and questions of theology.

In an age when spiritual practices that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus are on the rise, Colborne has written
Thanks Be To God, a concise book that will enable anyone who is interested in spirituality to get to grips with the core teachings of Christianity so that they can better understand whether they should accept or reject the teaching and person of Jesus.

Thanks Be To God contains 20 important passages of Scripture, with each passage accompanied by a short reflection from Colborne to offer context and insight. The book is ideally suited to people who are interested in exploring Christianity but feel daunted by the prospect of reading the entire Bible. The book would also serve as a great refresher for the lapsed Christian or as a thoughtful gift for someone needing spiritual encouragement.



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