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Statement of Faith (17th September 2020)

Statement of Faith (17th September 2020)

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This statement of faith by philosopher-theologian Steven Colborne is the result of decades of spiritual exploration culminating in Colborne's wholehearted embracing of Biblical Christianity.

Colborne is the author of many books expounding philosophical and theological arguments related to Christianity and other religions. He is also known for his philosophy blog,
Perfect Chaos, where a community of deep thinkers have been discussing philosophy and theology for nearly 10 years.

Colborne's faith journey, which is presented in summary in this book, has centred upon the author's struggle to reconcile his belief in the absolute sovereignty of God with human free will, a predicament that many theologians have wrestled with through the ages.

This short book, simply entitled
Statement of Faith, captures Colborne's mature understanding of Christianity and presents an argument (in five points) which demonstrates why he was finally able to solve the free will predicament and embrace the Christian gospel in a contented way.

Please note: This is not a full-length book. It is approximately 25 pages long in the print edition.



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