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Finding Your Balance: The 10 Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

Finding Your Balance: The 10 Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

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Are you struggling to balance the many factors that contribute to a happy life? Do you want some simple and clear guidance that will help? Then this book is for you!

Philosopher Steven Colborne is the author of more than a dozen books related to philosophy and religion. A first-class BA (Hons) graduate with a postgraduate certificate in Philosophy and Religion, Colborne is also known for his popular blog
Perfect Chaos on which he writes about philosophy, religion, spirituality, and mental health. The blog has an audience of over 7000 subscribers from more than 200 different countries.

Finding Your Balance is a short book in which Colborne delves into the realm of psychology, offering learned advice from his unusual life journey which has seen him work in the heart of the music industry promoting multi-million selling artists and also spend several spells in psychiatric hospital being close to suicide. In the book, Colborne discusses a variety of subjects related to finding the 'middle way' to happiness.

Topics included in the book include nurturing a relationship with God, contributing to society in a meaningful way, choosing a favourite hobby, looking after one's physical and mental health, developing healthy relationships, and a whole lot more. The author's simple yet profound insights will help readers to take stock of where they are at in life and enable them to make small but significant changes towards finding greater levels of happiness and fulfilment.



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